Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing

Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing is a highly unique business. We provide home owners and commercial customers with an extremely high value, lower cost concrete solution. Our system includes the use of modified acrylic cement, epoxy coatings, acrylic pigments and urethane sealers. Through the use of these types of high quality materials, we can make concrete, whether new or deteriorating, look amazing, and regain its usability for years to come! At Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing, we focus on your objectives. We will provide you with the finished surface that matches the look and purpose you desire and do it at an affordable price.

The use of modified acrylic cement in resurfacing concrete, creates a molecular bond with the original concrete surface. In simple terms, our resurfacing material is roughly 2-1/2 times as strong as the original concrete and much better looking.  We can give your old, worn out concrete new vitality and beauty, without tearing it out and re-pouring it. Any concrete surface can be resurfaced including garage floors, driveways, sidewalks, basement floors, patios, pool decks, warehouse floors and any other horizontal or vertical surface. Even vertical concrete walls can be made to look like brick, stone, tile or other patterned surfaces.

We are your one-stop-shop for all of your surface coating needs! We can apply new surfaces to basement floors, garage floors, porch and patio surfaces, kitchen, bathroom and even utility room floors! If you have an area that is in need of a classy, new look, we can offer an unlimited variety of textures, colors and durability that will fit your needs. All of the surfaces we install are both beautiful and durable.

Looking for a surface that is highly unique? We can help. Do you have a commercial space that is high traffic and want something extremely durable and high wear? Call us! Any and every type of finish you can think of, we can supply!

Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing is the leader in the technology of the concrete resurfacing business. Our system is second to none in the molecular technology of bonding new material to new or old concrete. Even if your concrete is brand new and you would like to make it look better by applying a “stamped” or patterned look, there is no need to remove the concrete to get the desired look. Our system gives beauty to otherwise ordinary concrete, and we do it quickly and at an incredible value.

As you can see in the before and after pictures above, the visual effect is remarkable, much less the long term functionality of the product. The finished product is even more durable than it is beautiful. 

Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing Experts!

Our certified experts will evaluate your existing concrete surface and establish the best approach to use to get the look and functionality you’re looking for. Even concrete that lost its finish can be revived! The is no need to remove the old and re-form and re-pour to get the result you want. Give us a call today, we can save you time and money.

Once we have evaluated your project,we will recommend the appropriate resolution. We will give you a fixed price proposal, with no hidden charges! If you have concrete issues, call us today, you won't be disappointed!

Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing is a very specialized business. We use the latest technology to ensure the highest quality result. We have colors, textures and finishes that are world renowned! In addition to creating a molecular bond to the original concrete surface, our sealing process makes the finish impervious to chemicals and melting salts used in the Greater Cincinnati area during the winter to melt snow and ice. The damage done to “normal” concrete through the use of melting agents is remarkable, and your new Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing project will be protected against them.

Call us today for a free consultation. Before you decide to replace your concrete, call us, we can save you time, aggravation and money!   Call us today! 513-315-1661

Cincinnati decorative concrete, making ordinary, extrodinary!
Cincinnati decorative concrete, making ordinary concrete extrodinary.
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Cincinnati concrete floor resurfacing experts, making your concrete floors beautiful!
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