Cincinnati Basement Floor Resurfacing

We are the leaders in Cincinnati Basement Floor Resurfacing.  Using cutting edge technology we are able to transform your boring, drab, gray basement floor into a work of art.  Let Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing help you choose a resurfacing solution that’s right for you today!

There is a right and a wrong way to resurface your basement floor and it begins with cleaning and preparing the surface.  Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing uses industrial surface grinding equipment.  Worried about dust? No need.  Our HEPA vacuums will contain 99% of the dust and debris during the cleaning and preparation phase.

Once the surface is ready it's time to lay out a pattern.  Because of the uniqueness of our system, the sky is the limit when it comes to design.  You can have tile, stone, bricks, or a layout all your own.  Our experts will assist you in choosing a style that suits you and your budget.

Now its time to add color to your design.  Colors are nearly limitless allowing you to select a base for new decorating or maybe start fresh.  This is another area where our experts will guide you.  The colors are then applied to the floor using special trowels that allow us to add texture or leave the floor completely smooth.  The color is either sponged or sprayed on, depending on the look requested. 

The best part about the CCR system is that it has a minimal drying time.  In most applications we are able to achieve the look of stone, tile, or brick in only day.  For traditional tile or stonework you’re looking at days, maybe even weeks.  

Our final step is applying a specially formulated sealant that will make the colors even more vibrant and protect your new floor for years to come.  As an added bonus, the manufacturer includes a 10-year warranty to back their product. 

We also offer other services related to basement flooring surfaces including Basement Floor Coating, which is other types of unique flooring, Basement Floor Sealing, which includes making the surface of your basement floor impervious to stains and moisture, Decorative Basement Flooring including styles ranging from stone, brick, tile or even granite looking surfaces. We are your one-stop source for everything in Cincinnati Basement Floor Resurfacing!

Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing is your source for Basement Floor Resurfacing.  We are trained experts in assisting with design ideas as well as applying the system.  The CCR system will take your dull, lifeless, gray concrete and turn it into a work of art.  Call us today for more information.  Call 513-315-1661 to set up an appointment. 

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Cincinnati Basement Floor Resurfacing

Unlimited styles and colors are available.

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Patterns, colors and textures, anything is possible with our system!

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