Cincinnati Driveway Replacement 

We specialize in Cincinnati Driveway Replacement! Tearing out and replacing your old concrete driveway with a new installation that is up to the highest standards with respect to quality construction and aesthetics.

If you’re seeing cracks in the concrete, often the best most cost effective solution is to replace with a new driveway. Cracks can be more than a sign of normal wear and tear.

Replace your driveway with Cincinnati Driveway Replacement Experts!

If you’re considering tearing out and replacing your driveway, call us for a complimentary consultation. An initial evaluation is needed to properly establish the scope of work for a project of this nature because heavy equipment must be used for tearing out the old concrete. A clean and safe environment is a top priority for us. Avoiding damage to your property is of the utmost importance. 

Planning for a driveway replacement

At the initial design appointment, you will choose the shape, color and type of finish for your Cincinnati driveway replacement.

There are so many options to choose from, your design specialist will help guide the process. We can add color to the mix to match your home or commercial properties landscaping and residence. Concrete is very organic and easily takes on any shape or form.

Do you have an idea in mind? How about some nice radiuses to complement the design of your property? This is possible! What type of finish would fit your taste? Stamped, broom finish or exposed aggregate? 

Concrete driveway demolition and removal:
Out with the old, in with the new!

The first step in driveway replacement is the demolition process. We use heavy machinery to break the concrete, tear it out and remove it. usually a Bobcat skid loader with a hydraulic breaking hammer, although on larger projects, and excavator can be used.

Don’t worry, we clean up after ourselves! Your property and landscape will be cared for as if it was out own!

The one downside to the removal process, concrete demolition can be loud. We will get this process done as quickly and safely as possible. Our fast and efficient team will get the job done in a timely manner and prepare the site for the driveway replacement.

Preparing the site for your new driveway

In the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana area, clay is the prevalent soil type. It makes a very good base for the concrete. If there is the need for drainage, we will include that in your project. It needs to be evenly compacted to ensure proper structural integrity of the driveway. We may or may not use fill aggregate to level of stabilize the sub-straight, our expert will know the right choice. An uneven sub straight can cause the new driveway surface to crack prematurely.

Our years of experience working in the Cincinnati Driveway Replacement business has made us experts in driveway replacements.

Forming your driveway replacement

Shaping your new driveway to your existing surroundings is one specific advantage we can help with. The forms are the barriers that will keep the concrete in place. We can create beautiful shapes and design elements to your existing landscape by simply adding an angle or radius. To keep the new concrete in place and avoid what we call a “blowout”, the forms must be secured and stabilized. Our installation crew know how to ensure this is done properly. We’ve seen many problems in the past with installation of weak forms from amateur contractors. A “blowout” is when the pressure of the concrete is too great causing the form to break or fall making a huge mess!!! We will ensure this doesn't happen on your project.


Not everyone uses reinforcement, but we do! We use steel rebar on all of our driveway replacements. Using rebar adds to the structural capacity of the concrete with heavy vehicles. Fibers can also be used as a secondary reinforcement. Your driveway is an investment that adds value to your property, having the best quality product is common sense! Our crew will make sure that everything is done to make your concrete last as long as possible!

Pouring the new driveway 

Now that the forms are properly braced and re-enforced and the rebar is laid on the ground, we can pour and place the concrete effectively. We achieve a flat surface using a process called screeding. This is the method of leveling the top of the concrete to the outside tops of the forms. In order to get an even surface to finish, screeding needs to be done as soon as the concrete is poured on the sub straight.

Finishing and adding control joints

We have an incredible amount of experience with every type of concrete finishing options. Bruch or broom finish and stamped are popular finishing options for driveway replacements. Typically, stamps used for driveways generally have larger patterns than stamps for sidewalks and patios to give a more pleasing and balanced look to the overall design.

Control joints are made where necessary, with a special tool as a part of the finishing process or with a concrete diamond blade saw. If a concrete saw is used, the joints must be cut the next day.

Now, Enjoy your Cincinnati Driveway Replacement for years to come!

We will recommend sealing your Cincinnati Driveway Replacement when finished, once the surface has cured (Approximately 28 days), to seal the elements out. Things like road salt, oil, fuel, brake fluid and common vehicle fluids can damage and stain the new concrete. Ask your design consultant about sealing the surface when complete!

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