Cincinnati Garage Floor Resurfacing

We are your Cincinnati Garage Floor Resurfacing source.  Why settle for an ugly, gray garage floor?  With Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing your only limit is your imagination.  Our products provide limitless color, pattern, and design choices.  Call today and learn how easy it is to have your garage floor resurfaced.

Cincinnati garage floor coating is another service that we offer.

Garage floors are subjected to the elements all the time.  Water, ice, salt, and snow all wreak havoc on a garage floor.  Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing’s specialized garage floor resurfacing system can transform your garage floor. 

Cincinnati Garage Floor Resurfacing is easier than you think.  Contact us today and speak with one of our experts.  They’ll walk you through the entire process starting with the initial visit.  Our staff will evaluate your current garage floor paying special attention to any issues like cracking or spalling.  They will help you decide from unlimited design, color, and pattern combinations to fit your unique style.  At the point a style and design are agreed upon they will set up an install date.  Typical installations will take a day to day and half depending on the detail involved.  Imagine, a new, custom garage floor in two day’s time. Cincinnati garage floor sealing is also key to keeping even a non-finished garage floor from deteriorating because of chemicals and salt from or roads and driveways. We are your Cincinnati Garage Floor Refinishing

The process is painless.  Our trained installers will prepare the surface by acid etching and power washing the surface with a 3500-PSI industrial pressure washer.  During this process the floor will be cleared of any debris including oil and grease spots.  The surface is now ready to bond with our product.  If the floor has any cracks they will be filled at this time, using a special formula designed to bond with the existing concrete at a molecular level, making the new repaired concrete stronger than it was before. 

Now its time to lay out the pattern or design.  Our product has unlimited design potential.  Checker board pattern, tile, automobile emblems, the sky is the limit.  Now that your custom design has been laid out the installer will coat your garage floor using an acrylic modified cement specially mixed for your home.  The drying time is typically only 3 hours before a sealant can be applied.  The sealant is specially formulated to make your new garage floor mildew, mold, oil, grease, and salt resistant.  It will also withstand the freeze/ thaw cycle that is like kryptonite to concrete.   As an added bonus, the product and installation is backed by a 10-year warranty!  Check out the “do it yourself” products and see if they can say the same. If you need garage floor restoration, give us a call.

What are you waiting for?  Learn how easy it is to  for Garage Floor Resurfacing to be a part of your home improvement plan.  You are a phone call away from having a brand new garage floor, affordably.  Call and speak to one of our experts today.  Call 513-315-1661 to get started!

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Cincinnati Garage Floor Resurfacing

Unlimited styles and colors are available.

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Patterns, colors and textures, anything is possible with our system!

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