Cincinnati Garage Floor Sealing

Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing is your source for Cincinnati Garage Floor Sealing needs.  Through the process of garage floor sealing you gain a cleaner, more durable surface.  In addition, your sealed garage floor is now mildew, mold, salt, oil, and grease resistant.  In most situations a garden hose is all you need to get back to a “like new” look.  

Your garage floor takes a beating.  Its subjected to the same weather situations that your car is except it never gets a trip to the carwash or a coat of wax applied.  Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing uses state of the art technology to create a surface twice as strong as the original surface.  Our product binds molecularly with the existing concrete to create a bond that cannot be penetrated.  Garage floor sealing is the #1 way to protect the surface.

Typical garage floor sealing products from the hardware store are designed to fail.  Limited warranties show an expiration date.  The CCR system comes with a 10-year warranty and is back not only by us but also by the manufacturer.   Cincinnati Concrete Resurfacing are experts in garage floor sealing.  All installers are certified and have been through rigorous training programs to guarantee the product is applied properly. 

Here is how it works on the day of installation.  Our trained installers will prepare the surface by acid etching and power washing the surface with a 3500-PSI industrial pressure washer.  During this process the floor will be cleared of any debris including oil and grease spots.  The surface is now ready to bond with our product.  If the floor has any cracks they will be filled at this time, using a special formula designed to bond with the existing concrete at a molecular level, making the new repaired concrete stronger than it was before.   Once the surface has been cleaned and repaired its time to apply the sealer.  Each step is crucial as it builds on the previous step to ensure the strong bond we are looking for.  The sealer is the final step to a garage floor resistant to mold, mildew, oil, grease, and salt.  Cincinnati Garage Floor Sealing is the simple way to protect your garage floor, affordably.

Garage floor sealing is a painless process.  A CCR expert will work with you to come up with the solution that best fits your home.  The sealant will be applied after a thorough cleaning of the existing floor.  Once the sealant has been applied it requires a drying time of approximately three hours before light traffic.  Within 48 hours you’ll have full use of your garage!  Give us a call today and find out more about having your garage floor sealed.  Call 513-315-1661 today!


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Cincinnati Garage Floor Sealing

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