Cincinnati Pool Deck Restoration 

Cincinnati pool deck restoration services are for concrete pool decks that are in need of either structural or cosmetic help. Through the use of modified acrylic cement, we can provide a finished surface that is both better looking and more functional than that of a new pool deck. If your pool deck is cracked or spalling or rough to bare feet, we can help. Our system will make your pool more beautiful and useable than ever before. Imagine a surface that is so user friendly that to clean it you only need to spray it with a garden hose. The surface won’t allow mold or mildew to even think about growing on it. Does your current pool deck have spots that are black or discolored? Chances are this discoloration is either from the effects of the disinfectant used in the pool water, like chlorine, bromine of salt. These chemicals causes ordinary concrete surfaces to become even more porous than they are naturally. This porosity causes the surface to become susceptible to mold, mildew and even freezing damage, as water is allowed to absorb deeply into the concrete. Our system not only gives you a surface that is impeccable in terms of beauty, but nearly impervious to harsh chemicals used everyday in your pool!

We can add colors, textures or patterns to your pool deck as well without having to remove the old surface, which saves a huge mess and countless hours of time. Cracks in the existing surface are bonded and filled with a material that is over 2-1/2 times as strong as the original concrete. The fact is, as long as the deck is structurally stabile, our system will ensure that it is useable for many years to come! Our expert estimators will be able to evaluate the structural stability to your pool deck and provide you with a fixed price proposal for making it highly user friendly as well as gorgeous!

If your pool deck is in need of restoration, give us a call today, we may be able to save you thousands of dollars and hours of time making it beautiful!  

Cincinnati Pool Deck Restoration

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